Moturism in Flórido Hotel

Located in the town of Sort, the Flórido Hotel is a small and charming mountain hotel with all the services to enjoy a few days of relaxation. With an outdoor pool, large gardens, a café with terrace, free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel grounds is ideal for exploring the Pyrenees area and its surroundings.

We have all this Services for you.

If you want to have the best biker experience, stay at the Flòrido Hotel, it is specially equipped to accommodate motorbikes.

Motorcycling routes Lleida Hotel Flòrido

Welcome motards!

At the Florido Hotel you’ll find:

  • Parking for motorcycles
  • Cleaning elements for the motorcycle and the helmet
  • Area information
  • Routes to be able to travel around our environment
  • Free Wifi throughout the hotel grounds
  • Extra activities during your stay
Romanesque church Vall Bohí

Trans-Pyrenean Lleida

A 170 km route that combines some of the best roads for international motorcycle touring with the world famous reference of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Romanesque art and architecture of the Vall de Boí. This route crosses the Pyrenean part of Lleida province from east to west. It is a demanding route complemented by spectacular views of five comarques (local districts) and, provisioned with a good supply of food and drink, one that will offer bikers the chance to enjoy the exhilarating experience of the Lleida in a single day.

Trans-Pyrenean Lleida (GPX)

Trans-Pyrenean Lleida (KMZ)

Mountains Val Aran Pyrenees Lleida

The mountain-pass route

A 205 km route between valleys, peaks and mountain passes that will show visitors some of the most emblematic scenery in the Val d’Aran, El Pallars – Aran and the High Pyrenees. There are hundreds of high-altitude bends to enjoy for hours on end as you follow roads that run through stunning scenery. The route runs from the national border with France (in the west) to the provincial border with Girona (in the east). This is a demanding route which runs from the border with another country to the border with another province and passes through four different comarques (local districts) of great cultural and scenic value.

The mountain-pass route (GPX)

The mountain-pass route (KMZ)

The bends route Lleida Hotel Flòrido

The bends route

A route of approximately 230 km that will take you across cols, mountain passes, gorges, borders and plains … as you trace a surreal U-shape through some of the most unusual parts of Lleida province, passing through four comarques (local districts), as you receive a rapid insight into the wealth of motorcycle tourism that this destination has to offer. This is an excellent combination of the Pyrenees and Pre-Pyrenees in all aspects and makes for a demanding, but enjoyable, day out.

The bends route (GPX)

The bends route (KMZ)

Ten routes have been created which run across the territory of Lleida. Each of these offers great touristic and scenic attractions and combines stretches of secondary road, which have numerous curves but not much traffic, with other straighter sections along main roads. All of the roads followed by the Moturisme routes have been checked by a team of experts to ensure that they have excellent road surfaces.

The distances covered on the different routes range from 200 to 300 km. This means that they can be easily covered in a day, allowing ample time to stop off at the different points of tourist interest located along the path that each route follows. The majority of these routes can be ridden throughout the year, with the exceptions being those that run along stretches of high mountain road where it is possible to find snow and ice in winter.


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BonArea Sort

Pol. Industrial els Salancons, 1 Sort

Port del Cantó

Ctra. N-260, P.K. 278,25


El Racó del Pallars

Ctra. C-13 P.K. 131



Auto taller Sala

Av. Pelai Fontsaré, 6


Talleres Ramoneda

Camino del Escorxador, 12


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Romantic room at Sort
Dining room of the Flòrido Hotel
Outdoor pool Flòrido Hotel
Comfortable room in the Catalan Pyrenees
Flòrido Hotel Solarium
Room with fireplace at Flòrido Hotel