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Canyoning Berrós (beginners)

Located in La Guingueta d’Àneu is a canyon designed for students and large groups. Simple approach star and end in the same place. It does not have the charm of Collegats canyon.

Canyoning Saint Peter (beginners)

Canyoning to get started. Collegats canyoning are within the canyon of Saint Peter, where an approach after 20 minutes at the top of the canyon, we will begin to descend to find puddles to jump, to slide chutes and small rappels to descend. Suitable for all ages.

Canyoning Hell (improvement)

Canyoning expert. Spectacular canyon located Collegats canyon, where after 20 minutes of approach, we will find spectacular scenery, accompanied by powerful waterfalls for rappelling where you must finish in the waters of the Noguera Pallaresa. It is half a day of excitement continued.

Canyoning Viu Llevata (expert)

Canyoning water lovers of trekking and swimming. Viu Llevata approach requires a 45-minutes round vehicle to enter the ravine, where the prevailing currents and pools you will enjoy an idyllic unspoilt. It does not require any prior knowledge, activity recommended in summer.